About The Author

Jared Williams

It all began in fifth grade with a box of crayons and notebook paper. Jared Williams designed the alien duck character we now know as Doogles. Never missing a chance to be creative, Jared continued to explore various artistic avenues, quickly discovering his passion for writing and music. In high school, Jared’s poem “Teenage Reality” won a young writers award and was selected for publication. During this same time, he also became lead vocals for a local rock group.

Later, graduating from Sam Houston State University, Jared received a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, which helped pave the way for his career in marketing. With a few stops along the way, Jared eventually won two AMA Crystal Awards for his creative concepts in marketing. Shortly after that, he decided to go into business for himself.

Jared is happily married with two gorgeous children. He is the proud owner of the local Texas marketing agency, Prospecks Marketing. He still enjoys dabbling in music, writing, and other creative side projects, but after a thirty-year wait, Doogles has become a primary focus again. Jared Williams is now the proud author of Doogles and Sports Advice.

Be Creative!

It’s your turn to be creative! Every idea starts somewhere, I was originally created in a 5th grade classroom from a box of crayons.

Jared and I have provided a few blank pages inside my book for you to draw a picture of me, Doogles, or your very own cartoon character. I’ll be creating a Wall of Fame Page, where you can share your artwork right here on my website. To share your creation simply email me a screenshot at doogles@meetdoogles.com.

Yep, you’re artwork can be showcased for all to see. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Don’t forget to checkout my evolutions below. 🙂

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